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Address: 38 „4 January” str., entr. В, fl. 2, ap. 3
Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Phones:  +359 887 27 37 55, +359 894 33 79 48
Website: www.genderalternatives.org,
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Facebook page: Gender Alternatives Foundation
Twitter: GenderAlter

               Women’s Resource Centre 

    Gender Alternatives Foundation runs a Women’s Resource Centre in Plovdiv in order to expand  vulnerable women’s access to quality training and education programs.

    Minority women, survivours of domestic violence, elderly women and single mothers who rely on social welfare are provided with skills-building trainings on Information and communication technology (ICT) and English language courses, and Legal and Career counseling to ensure them confidence to meet market demand in a globalizing economy. Through these activities, women will also analyze the causes of poverty and violence, voice their concerns, and build their capacity to participate as equals in society.

    So far, 76 women have taken part in the ICT and English language courses and more than 100 women benefited from Legal consultations on their social and economic rights, along with access to Career counseling.

The Centre builds partnerships among the marginalized women, their communities, and the society as a whole to bolster the ability of local economies to compete in the national and international marketplaces.

The programmes schedule is the following:

17.45 – 19.20 – English Language Course, Elementary Level

17:30 – 19.00 – ICT Training
10.30 – 13.30 – Career consultancy

17.45 – 19.20 – English Language Course, Elementary Level

17:30 – 19.00 – ICT Training

For more details, please contact the Gender Alternatives Foundation's Team.

July 16, 2024

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