Date: 16-17.04.2015

Location: The Conference Hall of Real Hotel – Plovdiv, 2 Georgi Voyteh str.

Organization: Gender Alternatives Foundation


Partner:Animus Association Foundation (www.animusassociation.org)

Theme: Securing Effective Implementation of the Legislation for Protection the Rights of Domestic Violence Victims



Target Group:

Social workers from Social Assistance Directorate in Plovdiv, in particular from Social Protection Department and Social Services for People with Disabilities Department. Social workers from Social Assistance Directorates from other municipalities and a representative from Social Assistance Regional Directorate – Plovdiv.   



30 participants from Social Assistance Regional Directorate (SARD) – Plovdiv, SARD – Pazardzhik, Social Assistance Directorate (SAD) - Pazardzhik, SAD-Rodopi, SAD-Maritsa, SAD-Hissar, SAD-Asenovgrad, SAD-Stamboliiski, SAD-Pestera, SAD-Rakovski, SAD-Plovdiv, SAD-Devin, Child Protection Department –Plovdiv, Bulgarian Red Cross Regional Directorate, as well as three trainers (Katya Krastanova and Nadia Kozhuharova –psychologists from Animus Association Foundation and Milena Kadieva – lawyer from Gender Alternatives Foundation).


Certificates: all participants received certificates for their involvement.

The project is funded through the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. 






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