The Gender Alternatives Foundation team took part in innovative training on communication crises that are hitting us almost daily. Whether on an organizational or personal level, we are increasingly misunderstood by others. One of the things we can do is develop and exercise our 'resilient flexibility'. Undoubtedly, this is one of the popular soft skills that have become a must in today's interpersonal and inter-institutional communication.

The workshop was opened by Natalia Truchi Vera, an external expert at the OAK Foundation, who gave practical advice on how to respond to communication crises.
Szabina Mozes developed her concept for the personal and organizational manifestation of her formulated soft resilience. It was concluded that we all face daily personal crises first. We need to develop mechanisms for personal resistance and dealing with them, and only then will we be able to be useful in dealing with communication crises at an organizational level.
In a separate module, PR and Communications Specialist Lubomir Alamanov demonstrates what internal mechanisms and human resources a modern organization must possess, whether in the private or non-governmental sector, in order not to be "surprised" by a crisis.
We at the Gender Alternatives Foundation will put into practice the knowledge we have acquired and will develop a dedicated training session on communication that will target young people who want to develop their soft skills.

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May 20, 2024

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