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In March 2018, the Gender Alternatives Foundation launched a new project " The New Leaders - Preventing Gender-Based Violence through Alternatives for Future Career Development." The initiative is funded by the Bulgarian Women Fund and will be implemented in the period March - June 2018.

The project foresees the realization of 20 interactive workshops with more than 200 students from the city of Plovdiv on the issues of gender equality, empowerment of women and gender based violence, as well as 2 practical workshops with 15 young people leaving institutions on the topic of economic empowerment of women, social entrepreneurship and the development of a business plan.

The aim of the project is to raise the knowledge and skills of young people in Plovdiv on the issues of gender equality, human rights and social entrepreneurship through interactive trainings and workshops. The "New Leaders" addresses the need to master basic skills for realizing the labor market by linking gender issues to the importance of economic independence for young people.

The project " The New Leaders" will involve several trainers with many years of experience, child psychologist, human rights lawyers and also volunteers.

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June 21, 2024

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