The Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences is seeking information in preparation of her country visit to Bulgaria scheduled to take place from 15 to 23 May 2017.
The Special Rapporteur will address violence against women broadly, focusing on both its causes and consequences.

The Special Rapporteur will study:

• The different manifestations of violence against women
• The incorporation of the international and regional legal framework on violence against women
• The State responses and measures to address violence against women (constitutional, legislative, and institutional framework, as well as inter-sectorial responses to violence against women)
• Implications of discrimination against women and discriminatory gender stereotypes on violence against women
• Gaps and challenges in fulfilling the State’s obligations to eliminate violence against women (prevention, protection, prosecution)
• Policy and legislative framework and/or guidelines concerning protection orders and shelters’ operations procedures and their shortcomings
• Good practices aimed at promoting gender equality and eliminating violence against women, including data collection initiatives to prevent femicide and all forms of gender based violence

Throughout her visit, the Special Rapporteur will particularly focus on women who encounter multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, including women living in vulnerable situations or belonging to disadvantaged groups, such as Roma and other minority groups, migrant women, and women with disabilities.

In accordance with the established practice of mandate-holders, the Special Rapporteur welcomes all relevant submissions that NGO’s and other stakeholders may wish to transmit for her consideration in preparation of this visit, such as:

• Recent analytical reports or surveys on the manifestations and prevalence of violence against women in Bulgaria
• Information on the legal, policy and programmatic responses to violence against women, including criminal or civil provisions, and whether these measures are appropriate or sufficient
• Priority issues/concerns that need the attention of the Special Rapporteur
• Suggestions on key government persons/institutions to meet in different regions
• Suggestions on programmes, shelters, and organisations to visit in the various locations
• Contact info of key NGOs, civil society representatives, lawyers to meet in different regions

It would also be useful to have substantive information on efforts undertaken in terms of prevention, protection, prosecution and punishment, and the provision of effective remedies for victims of violence against women.

During the visit, the Special Rapporteur wishes to meet with civil society organizations, human rights defenders and other advocates working on violence against women. The schedule and venues of meetings with civil society representatives will be shared in due course.

All submissions should be sent by 1st May 2017 to .">..


SOURCE: UN Office of the High Commissioner

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July 16, 2024

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