On the 7.03.2017, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was held the first expert consulting group for developing an awareness-raising video and of conceptualizing the content of an online game aiming to raise awareness among young people about the potential risks associated to gender stereotyping and the sexualisation of women.

The expert consulting group is unique as it is made up of a psychologist experienced in supporting women victims of violence, a social welfare officer/social worker, and two women survivors of sexual violence or of sexual harassment. The aims of such meetings are to contribute to the development of the game, to learn from the experts and survivors’ knowledge and experiences, to unveil the factors linked to gender stereotypes and gender roles contributing to sexual violence and sexual harassment.

The meeting was very interesting and innovative – it marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration for creation of real and genuine products which will be used in the prevention of sexual violence and harassment among young people.

The expert consulting group is expected to meet at least 3 times during the conceptualisation phase of the project online game.


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July 16, 2024

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