In connection with the war in Ukraine, the GA Foundation offer FREE legal advice to victims of all forms of violence of Ukrainian women and children - refugees in Bulgaria ! The consultations can be conducted in Bulgarian, Russian and English language. To contact us, use the telephone number of our Counseling Center for Victims Women and Children from Domestic Violence - 0879 26 01 01.
The GA Foundation is recruiting volunteer translators to help conduct consultations in Ukrainian language.
The GA Foundation has been holding consultations for years, representing before Bulgarian and international courts refugees who have suffered from violence of all nationalities. And we continue to do so, because violence has no color!
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The summative dimension of the evaluation strategy focused on the quality of materials and corresponding training events perceived by participants. It focused on satisfaction of participants with the training, the degree expectations were met and learning experiences and successes of participants. In addition, the evaluation also aimed at the medium-term impact of the trainings in terms of sustainable learning results and transfer of learning contents into practice. For this reason, two evaluation questionnaires were created.

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The BASE Final conference had the following agenda:

The BASE tools for child-friendly support in cases of sexual and GBV against migrants

The experience of Cultural Advisors/Community Advocates

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for the development of inclusive migrant and refugee child-friendly support services in cases of sexual and gender-based violence

March 2021

Protocols of Cooperation were signed under the BASE project between the Gender Alternatives Foundation and State and Municipal institutions and organizations. The purpose of this Protocol of Cooperation is to encourage and support the cooperation among the signatory Parties for the development of inclusive migrant and refugee child-friendly support services in cases of sexual and gender-based violence under the relevant International, European and National legislation.

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The project partners finished the White paper on migrant and refugee – child friendly support services in cases of sexual and gender-based violence.

The White paper outlines the problem of GBV which is very complex precisely because of the fact that it is happening in all aspects of everyday life and also in the family, which is the most sensitive cell of the society, and because of the specificity of the relations between the perpetrators and the victims who are (usually) family members.

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July 01, 2022

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