Duration: 01.09.2016 – 28.02.2019

Applicant: CESIE – Italy


Gender Alternatives Foundation – Bulgaria                                

“Hope for children” UNCRC Policy center – Cyprus

The Smile of the Child – Greece

Sexual Violence Centre Cork – Ireland

Westminster City Council – United Kingdom

WS0 – Management and Coordination of the Project

General participation in management activities and compliance with management rules set by the EC and by the Coordinator.

WS1 – Online Simulation Game for Young People

Recruitment of 15 peer consultants to provide feedback on the development of the online game.

WS2 – Pilot Programme in Schools

Contributing to the development of a pilot programme for teachers and for students on gender stereotyping, the role of digital  media in the sexualisation of women, and the connection of gender roles with sexual violence and sexual harassment.

WS3 – Dissemination and Mainstreaming

Develop a dissemination strategy and action plan, including social media campaign plan.

WS4 – Evaluation and Monitoring

Project monitoring and evaluation plan and implementation.



Юни 22, 2024

Включете ума си,

изключете насилието,

основано на пола, онлайн”

Проект "В защита правата на човека", финансиран от Фонд "Активни граждани"- България  в рамките на ФМ на ЕИП 2014-2021 г.

Подобряване на прилагането на международните стандарти за защита правата на човека