On 01.02.2017 GAF was officially admitted and joined as a full member the National Network for Children. The network includes over 140 NGOs working with and for children in the country.

National network for children strives for a society where each child has a family of their own and enjoys the best living and development conditions. Its mission is to stand for children’s rights and well-being by uniting and developing a wide socially significant network of organizations and like-minded partners.

“Silence is not golden” project was implemented for 4 months (01.09-31.12.2016). It included 7 organizations working in 6 cities in Bulgaria. The stages of the project implementation were logically conceived as follows:

1.      Coordination meeting of the participants in the campaign

2.      Press release to the local medias

3.      Online campaign in the social networks

4.      Advocacy events in the cities focused on the issues of gender-based violence, domestic violence and the process of ratification of Istanbul convention.


For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The project is focused specifically on prevention and combatting domestic violence among children and adolescents, effective defense of victims’ rights and interests  by providing interdisciplinary services – legal and psycho-social consultations; effective work with domestic violence perpetrators within a program under art.5 paragraph 1 point 5 of the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence /LPDVA/; improving the skills of professionals applying  LPDVA and coordination of their work.

Implementation period: 01.01. – 31.12.2017.

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Gender Alternatives Foundation (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) was selected to participate in a learning exchange with the Jusoor center for Studies and Development (Tripoli, Lybia) in the implementation of the CSO WINS project.

After the advocacy training held in Barcelona from the 4th to the 9th April 2016, 24 association of the Southern Mediterranean have had the chance to draft an action plan proposal to improve the condition of women in their local and/or national context. The evaluation of proposals was accomplished in Algeria on May 31st 2016 and 8 associations were selected to deploy their campaign in the next following months. On this basis, they will receive technical support from the CSO WINS project and accompaniment of one of the 12 associations with high expertise in advocacy, which developed the successful practices. In total, 8 partnerships will be created in order to strengthen the mutual learning and the exchange of experiences.

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Duration: 01.09.2016 – 28.02.2019

Applicant: CESIE – Italy


Gender Alternatives Foundation – Bulgaria

“Hope for children” UNCRC Policy center – Cyprus                   

The Smile of the Child – Greece

Sexual Violence Centre Cork – Ireland

Westminster City Council – United Kingdom

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September 15, 2019