Wish you could hide your disability to get a promotion?

Wish you could hide your age to get a job?

Do you have to hide your sexual orientation at work?

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March Statistics about the Consultative center for prevention of and overcoming domestic violence and discrimination

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On the occasion of the beginning of GAF’s independent activity, the managing director of the organization – Milena Kadieva was invited as a guest in the TV program “TODAY” on NBT.

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The new four-year contract for social peace and security has been presented and signed in the Western district city-hall by stakeholders engaged in crime protection and prevention. Representatives from the Western District municipality, police, municipal security, local schools, and civil society were invited to take part in the Contract. The managing director of the GAF was also part of the initiative.

Activities focused on crime prevention are indispensable in order to guarantee security and peace for the citizens of Plovdiv.

To this end Municipality of Plovdiv has formed a working group to elaborate an Agenda 2012 as a part of the whole crime prevention strategy.

The managing director of the GAF was invited to take part in the working group.


July 16, 2019