A Be Aware project partners meeting was held in Innsbruck, Austria. Five organizations from five countries are developing special tools to combat gender-based violence in the workplace. The project partners are actively working to carry out the following activities: - an online training course for representatives of employers' companies, to increase sensitivity and to expand their competencies in dealing with sexual abuse during training and at work;
- An online training course for employees to raise awareness of the issue and make it easier to identify signs and where to find appropriate support.

At the Innsbruck meeting, the results achieved from the beginning of the project were analyzed in the presence of representatives of the Austrian National Agency. The key milestones of the project implementation were jointly finalized and the deadlines for the preparation of the interim report were agreed, as well as the dates for completion of the training tools on the topics of tackling based on workplace violence.

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July 16, 2024

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