GAF held two roundtables on 18th  and 19th of November in Plovdiv on the project: " BASE - Migrant and refugee child-friendly support services in cases of sexual and gender-based violence. The project is funded under the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union. At the two roundtables were presented a specially developed “Cultural Advisor Curriculum” and the “Capacity building programme for professionals” and were discussed the appropriateness of contents and learning strategies in relation to target groups. The BASE Capacity Building Program is a learning tool to enhance the capacity of professionals working directly/indirectly with migrant communities and on cases of sexual violence and GBV against girls, to communicate with the survivors in a child-friendly and culturally aware way. Specifically, the BASE Capacity Building Programme aims to:

  •      Increase professionals’ awareness of the ways in which cultural background influences GBV, as well as different aspects of procedures such as disclosure/reporting of abuse/violence.
  • Enhance professionals’ communication skills with victims and families.
  • Build professionals’ capacity and strategies to include cultural advisors as key support figures when communicating with migrant victims and families.
  • Increment knowledge and strategies for multisector collaboration.
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July 16, 2024

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