The project emerged from the need to explore and establish innovative ways to empower young people (aged 14-19) to tackle racism, xenophobia and discrimination aimed at migrants and minorities.
The present publication “Report on Good Practices for Youth Empowerment strategies” presents the results of the transnational desk-research conducted across the partner countries of HIT, aimed at gathering and reviewing country specific good practices on youth-led and youth empowered initiatives on counteracting hate speech and behaviour. The findings are of utmost importance in the elaboration of an innovative HIT curriculum.

HIT comprises nine1 organisations, from seven EU countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria and the UK), with extensive experience in working with young people facing social exclusion. They are - Collage Arts, Rinova: UK; Mulab : Italy; Gender Alternatives Foundation: Bulgaria; The Smile of the Child : Greece; MetropolisNet : Germany; CEPS: Spain; Frederick University: Cyprus; “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center: Cyprus.
The project has been produced with the financial support of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Work Programme, of the European Union. Reference Number:REC-RRAC-RACI-AG-2017/807861.


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July 16, 2024

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