Convey – training of teachers
The goal of the CONVEY project is to counteract sexual abuse and harassment through digital education of young people for positive stress and sexualization of women and girls in the media. Through the development of an online game and the implementation of a training program for teachers and students aged 13 years. in primary and secondary schools, the project aims to promote respect for women's and girls' rights and to change the behavior and attitudes of young people by ensuring the prevention of sexual violence.

The focus of the training is to raise awareness among teachers, trainers and youth workers about the prevention of sexual violence by training of teachers and presenting an online simulation game for young people. The game is called "CONVEY - Not A Game" and is developed on the peer-to-peer method in 6 European countries. For the development of the game in Bulgaria, we worked with the Youth Red Cross - Plovdiv. The online simulation game contains four interactive stories that reflect the different aspects of gender-based violence. These stories include: child abuse, rape, domestic violence and online porn for revenge. Within the game, students will become a detective / investigator whose role is to investigate and eventually reveal a crime related to gender-based violence. Students will be able to manage the game by choosing different opportunities for dialogue and action to make independent decisions.

The goal of the online simulation game is first to support training on difficult topics related to gender based violence by presenting real-life scenarios. Secondly, the game seeks to encourage change in attitudes and behavior among young people by effectively delivering the lessons and messages contained in the storylines.

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July 16, 2024

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