The Gender Alternatives Foundation did not miss the participation and a special presentation was presented by its leader - Milena Kadieva. For the second consecutive year, the Bulgarian Platform to the European Women's Lobby has organized an international forum, which has the ambition to contribute for the achievement of parity democracy. Several months before the European Parliament elections, the conference participants debated the equal representation of women and men in governance and how to ensure gender equality and women's rights as part of the priorities of Bulgarian and European policy. The conference provided an opportunity to share personal experiences of women who participated and took part in the management from Bulgaria and abroad, and presented good practices and policies from Europe that create the conditions for women to participate fully at every level of decision making.       The conference brought together representatives of civil society and various political forces in Bulgaria as well as experts from different European countries. The forum was an important part of the efforts to empower more women and to move Europe more quickly towards parity democracy.

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July 16, 2024

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