HOME/2013/ISEC/AG/THB/4000005340 (15.09.2014 – 15.09.2016)

Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union

On 25-26.09.2014, the first Steering Committee meeting under the project THB: from exit to insertion, barriers and leveragewas organized in Paris, France.

On behalf of the leading organization - Amicale du Nid, Juliet Christmann – the Project coordinator took part in the meeting as well as Helene de Rugy – the AdN director. In addition, social workers involved in the project participated in the meeting. Members of the financial and management bodies of the AdN were also part of the meeting.

On behalf of the partner organization - Gender Alternatives Foundation, Milena Kadieva took part in the first meeting in her capacity of a project coordinator in Bulgaria.

The meeting was focused on presentation of the project, the budget, and discussion of the implementation of the work under the project in the first six months, namely Collection and analysis of court decisions in THB cases as well as Collection of life stories of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The meeting included also preparation of the teams of the partner organizations and their experts.


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July 16, 2024

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