“ON-OFF. Switch On your mind, switch OFF gender-based violence online”. ON-OFF aims to develop a Model containing intervention strategies that will contribute to prevent and respond to cyber sexual – and gender-based violence, such as online harassment/bullying. It focuses on: capacity-building of teachers/educators, awareness-raising of young and adult participants and the general public, education and empowerment of girls and boys.

The goal is to combat the belittlement of these kind of abuse: indeed, “ON-OFF” acronym wants to highlight offline, concrete, negative implications of online violence. ON-OFF aims to fight against gender stereotypes, supporting participants to become more aware and conscious of prejudices and their effects, promoting lower tolerance towards GBV and highlighting their interconnection. The project will focus on cyber GBV, as it is a new phenomenon, particularly spread among young people, it is still underestimated and under-condemned, also by adults. For this reason, the project involve both youngsters and teachers/educators, as professionals responsible for their education, generally not aware of the phenomena and not prepared to treat these sensitive issues. The project involves 6 partner organizations from 5 European countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Italy. The project is funded by the European Commission (Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program), Grant agreement Number: 856696 — ON-OFF — REC-AG-2018/REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2018. The duration of the project is 24 months (November 2019- November 2021).

Category: ON-OFF. Switch On your mind, switch OFF gender-based violence online
July 16, 2024

Switch On your mind, switch OFF gender-based violence online